In addition to protecting your table, high-quality table sets also provide a decorative effect to the interior. A warm piece of textile as a soft material also increases the coziness while dining. With the right place mat, a chosen table style is further emphasized.

The Bistro collection from SLOTS PURETextiles contains two collections, a woven collection and a leather collection. Both materials are available in different colors and sizes. Our production can be personalized according to your wishes; All this with the stamp "made in Belgium".

Both materials have a small ecological feed print. The pure cotton woven sets of the RUSTIKA collection are produced in our weaving mill; a production unit that obtains +/-70% of its energy from solar panels. In addition, separated waste flows, hybrid vehicles, LED lighting, planting a green belt around the company and collaboration with European dye houses - which also meet the best ecological scores - contribute to this small footprint.

What's more, YELLOWSTONE is a collection of placemats that consist of 80% recycled leather (Leather scraps from furniture factories, ..) and 20% rubber from the rubber tree).