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Table linen -
Pure table

Table linen in perfect harmony with your house's style.


The tailor makes the man, the table linen makes the table. And there is no greater creator of the right atmosphere as the table linen of SLOTS. Many colors, patterns, fabric types are the perfect ingredients for your tailor-made table linen.


Table linen stands for comfort, warmth and sets the mood and harmony in each restaurant. Table linen makes eating and drinking…

Thanks to our own extensive production possibilities and years of experience, we give you, whether or not in consultation with your interior designer, an appropriate answer to your questions.


 We offer you two collections:


The VERDI collection includes fabrics from cotton of more than 200 g/m2 and mixtures of cotton and polyester. A great collection with, for each product, its own specific characteristics in terms of materials, appearance, structure and budget.


The FARAO collection impresses with fabrics of the highest level! The used yarns are yarns of pure Egyptian cotton, or a mixture of cotton with flax linen. Therefore, we work together with modern spinning mills in Egypt, which spin the yarn from long stable fibers. The weight of these fabrics is 190 g/m2, and this fact makes your wash costs decrease considerably.


After the fabrics are woven in our own weaving mill in Vichte, they are professionally stabilized or mercerized. An operation that offers the linen a lot of advantages and improves strength, glow, feel, wrinkle, shrink and washability.